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Our Story

 Why we love what we do

Train Depot of Mount Airy, MD LLC began operation in 1989 next door to Walt Dennison's Train Shop in Mt. Airy.


In March of 1995 Dennison's Train Shop moved to Berlin, Maryland and Train Depot moved into both stores.


In 1997 Train Depot moved to 6 South Main Street and has been at this location since that time.


In May of 2000 we moved to our new store located just across Main Street at 1 South Main Street.

In October 2016, Tom Gartner Sr. retired as primary owner of The Train Depot and sold the store to other train enthusiasts that partnered in the operations of the store over the last decade.  We are excited that The Train Depot will continue to be a staple in the downtown Mt. Airy landscape.

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